Powder Coatings Test Methods and Standards

Test Method
Standard No.
Examined Qualities

Gloss test
measurement of gloss and matt of coatings (in percent)

Thickness test
ASTM D1005
measurement of film thickness of coatings using micrometers

Bend test
measurement of bend of coating films

Deformation test
ASTM D2794
measurement of resistance of coatings to the effects of rapid deformation

Adhesion test
ASTM D 3359-02
measurement of adhesion of coatings

Cupping test
ISO 1520
measurement of coating resistance during deformation

Powder density test
ISO 8130-2
measurement of density of coating powders

Water resistance test
ASTM D 870-92
measurement of water resistance of coatings using water

Salt spray test
ASTM B 117
measurement of coatings resistance in various environment

Humidity 100% test
D 2247-02
measurement of water resistance of coatings in 100% relative humidity

Rubbing resistance test
ASTMD 5402-93
measurement of coating resistance to organic solvents

Gel time test
ISO 08130-6
measurement of time and temperature of coatings softening and gelling

Melted fluidity test on steep surface
examination of fluidity of melted and paste coatings on steep surface, and determination of melting degree of the coating

Detergent resistance test
ASTM D 2248-01a
measurement of detergent resistance of coating films

Pencil hardness test
measurement of film hardn by material of various hardness

Accelerated weathering
ISO 11341
measurement of coatings resistance against accelerated weathering

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