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Happy New Year 2014

Dear friends, Wish You & Your Families happy, Wealthy and a prosperous New Year 2014 !!

Elements of a burning explosion of powder coating

The following aspects are the factors that cause the burning explosion of powder coating: (A) The dust concentration exceeds the lower limit For these reasons, resulting in the powder room or workshop dust concentrations exceed the lower explosive limit, so that the formation of the main conditions of the powder combustion and explosion, if moderate sources of ignition, it is very likely to produce combustion and explosion. (B) Powder and paint shop to mix In some factories, due to lessRead More …

China has been active in development of powder coatings related to national standards and industry standards

At present, China has been active in development of powder coating related to national standards and industry standards, gradually standardize Powder Coating and coating industry organizations in the coordination of efforts to regulate the market, so that the powder coating paint market matures, and with international standards. Need of powder coating industry organizations, suppliers, research institutions, construction companies, joint efforts to constantly open up new areas, and in accordance with a reasonable choice for end-use, development and proper use of powder coating.Read More …