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As the leading powder coating manufacturer and supplier in China, Feihong has been focusing on powder coating industry for 30 years. We not only inherit the traditional solutions of powder coating, but also strive to create powder coating products with more environmental protection, energy saving and high recovery rate. We have accumulated rich experience in thin coating, low temperature curing, abrasion resistance, scratch and collision, and anti-aging. To meet the needs of different customers.

Indoor Powder Coatings

Characteristics:Excellent adhesion, strong impact resistance, high leveling&gloss, corrosion resistance

Application:Decorative coating for most indoor items

Type:Epoxy/Epoxy polyester

Outdoor Powder Coating

Characteristics:Excellent weather resistance, heat resistance, color stability, not easy to yellow

Application:Street lamp, guardrail, fire equipment, construction machinery, construction aluminum, etc


Functional Powder Coating


Certified with ISO, ROHS, reach IKEA standard.

Feihong powder coating has been exported to more than 60 countries around the world.


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