Acrylic Powder Coating

acrylic powder coating

These powders offer excellent hardness, good chemical and stain resistance with exceptional UV/heat resistance.The good resistance properties, durability, and smooth appearance make acrylic powder coatings ideal for exterior applications. Clear acrylic powder coatings possess excellent clarity and are frequently used for products with high quality standards.
Color All colors and clear
Particle sizeSuitable for electrostatic spraying
Gloss20 to 95% at 60°
Specific gravity1.2-1.7g/cm3 up to colors
Adhesion - CrosshatchPass
Alkaline ResistanceSlight discoloration after two hours
Humidity1,000 + hours
Salt Spray: 1,000 + hours1,000 + hours
Curing schedule180-200 ℃ / 10-20minutes
StorageDry ventilation conditions below 30℃
TYPICAL APPLICATION AREAElectric kitchen griddle encasement
Aluminium wheels
Automotive accessories
Brass fixture topcoats
Recreational equipment
Plumbing fixtures
Metal furniture