High Heat Resistant

hight temperature resistant powder coating

High temperature powder coating is a series of silicone based functional coating providing excellent heat resistance, corrosion resistance and high color retention.
This can withstand prolonged service temperature exposure up to 300℃.
These products are ideal for many applications such as barbecue grills,ending exhaust components,stoves,lighting fixtures,stoves,mufflers for generators, motorcycles and tractors.
Available in dark color with both smooth and textured finishes.
Chemistry Various
Gloss60-95 gloss unit
Particle sizeSuitable for electrostatic spraying
Specific gravity1.2-1.7g/cm3 
Curing schedule(object temp.)
StorageDry ventilation conditions below 25℃(open boxes must be resealed tightly)
Shelf life12 months
APPLICATION AREADomestic Appliance
General Industry
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