As a professional powder manufacturer in China, we offer effective powder coating solutions for a wide range of applications, including automotive, appliance, architectural and general industry market.


Who We Are

  • Professional manufacturer of powder coating in China since 2001.
  • The Leading exporter of powder coatings in China since 2001 .
  • Offering effective coatings solutions in powder coating application .
  • Help customers to improve productivity and reduce overall costs.

What We Do

  • Supply consistent and reliable quality powders .
  • Proactively understand customers’ needs to provide relevant services .
  • Technical personnel are readily available for technical support.
  • Respond quickly for the requirement from customers.
  • Offer excellent pricing with no sacrifice in product quality.
  • Providing powder selection scheme for your products need.

Our Mission

  • Dedicated to proactively understanding customers need to supply relevant products service and support .
  • Dedicated to maintaining optimum quality and focus on the zero-defects principle.
  • Committed towards establishing long term relationship for collaborative development with customers .
  • Devoted to developing environmentally-friendly powder coating technology in compliance with customers need .

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