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Users’ Guide to Powder Coating


Powder Coating Surface preparation – CLEANING ALUMINUM

owder Coating Surface preparation - CLEANING ALUMINUM

Alkaline Cleaners Alkaline cleaners for aluminum differ from  those used for steel; they usually have a blend of  mild alkaline salts to avoid attacking the aluminum surface. In some cases, a small to moderate amount of free caustic soda may be present in the cleaner to remove difficult soils, or to provide a desired etch. In the power spray method of application, the parts to be cleaned are suspended in a tunnel while the cleaning solution is pumped from aRead More …

Four Basic Pieces of Equipment for Electrostatic Spray Systems

Most electrostatic powder spray coating systems are comprised of four basic pieces of equipment – the feed hopper, electrostatic powder spray gun, electrostatic power source, and powder recovery unit. A discussion of each piece, its interactions with other components, and the various styles available is necessary to understand the functional operation of this process. Powder is supplied to the spray gun from the powder feeder unit. Usually powder material stored in this unit is either fluidized or gravity-fed to aRead More …

Methods of Applying Powder – ELECTROSTATIC SPRAYING

Electrostatic Spray-Corona Powder Coating

Electrostatic spraying is the most widely used method of applying powder coating materials. Its growth is increasing at an impressive rate. Developed in the mid 60’s , this process is the most efficient means of applying coatings and finishes in a short time. However, acceptance of powder coating in general was initially very slow in the US. In Europe, the electrostatic powder spray concept was accepted more readily, and the technology moved much faster there than else-where in the world.Read More …

A summary of the key properties of each generic type of thermosetting powder coating

Industrial finishes are custom formulated to individual and end-user requirements. Successful selection depends on a close working relationship between users and suppliers. Selection should be strictly on a demonstrated film performance basis. This is because the film performance of a thermosetting powder coating is completely dependent on the bake it receives in a particular plant, on a particular substrate, with a particular degree of cleanliness, and type of metal pretreatment. Many specialties in the marketplace can cross over the guidelines.Read More …

Typical examples of thermoplastic powder coatings

thermoplastic powder coatings

A thermoplastic powder coating melts and flows on the application of heat, but continues to have the same chemical composition when it solidifies on cooling. Thermoplastic powder coatings are based on thermoplastic resins of high molecular weight. The properties of these coatings depend on the basic properties of the resin. These tough and resistant resins tend to be difficult, as well as expensive, to be ground into the very fine particles necessary for the spray application and fusing of thinRead More …

Repair of parts and hanger stripping in powder coating

The methods of part repair after powder coating can be put into two categories : touch-up and recoat. Touch-up repair is appropriate when a small area of the coated part is not covered and is unable to meet finishing specifications. When hanger marks are not acceptable, touch-up is required. Touch-up also may be used to repair slight damage from handling, machining, or welding during assembly. Recoat is required when a part is rejected because of a large surface area defectRead More …

Why Powder Coating

ECONOMIC CONSIDERATIONS The excellence of the powder-coated finish is accompanied by substantial cost savings, when compared to liquid coating systems. Since powder contains no VOCs, air used to exhaust the powder spray booth can be recirculated directly to the plant, eliminating the cost of heating or cooling the makeup air. Ovens that cure solvent-based coatings must heat and exhaust huge volumes of air to ensure that the solvent fumes do not reach a potentially explosive level. With no solvent inRead More …

Troubleshooting – Output of Powder Insufficient to Coat Parts

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Troubleshooting – Powder Coating Finish-cured Films Appearance

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Troubleshooting – Powder Coating finish-cured film physical properties

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