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The main advantages of NCS – Natural Color System

NCS colour

NCS is the first choice for professionals engaged in sales, promotion and production in various industries.It is also the first choice for daily work of users such as designers, architects and teachers. Universal color language The colors described by the NCS system are consistent with those seen by our eyes and are not limited by language, materials, and culture. In the NCS system, we can define any surface color, and no matter what material is based on it, we canRead More …

NCS is short for Natural Color System

ncs color

NCS Introduction NCS is short for Natural Color System. It is the world’s most prestigious color system and the most widely used international color standard and color communication language in practice. It is the highest color quality standard required available internationally. NCS natural color system has been widely used in many fields such as color research and education, planning and design, industry and production, corporate image, commerce, and so on. It is used in many industries such as textiles, clothing,Read More …


Future development prospects of hydrophobic paint

hydrophobic paint

Hydrophobic paint often refer to a class of low surface energy coatings where the static water contact angle θ of the coating on a smooth surface is greater than 90°, whereas superhydrophobic paint are a new type of coating with special surface properties, meaning water contact with a solid coating. The angle is greater than 150° and often means that the water contact angle lag is less than 5°. From 2017 to 2022, the hydrophobic paint market will grow atRead More …

Smart Coatings market will reach US$6.27 billion in 2022

Smart Coatings market

In 2017, the smart paint market reached 2.15 billion U.S. dollars. It grew at a compound annual growth rate of 23.87%, and it is expected to reach 6.27 billion U.S. dollars by 2022. Smart coatings are used in many applications in the end-user industries such as automotive and transportation, aerospace and defense, marine, and construction, especially in China, India, and Brazil. Emerging technologies and innovations drive the demand for smart coatings in these industries. It is expected that the smartRead More …

Heat Transfer during the Solidification of Hot Dip Aluminizing Coating

European paint market in changing

Titanium Dioxide Global Market

The European ink pigment supply chain is currently in a transitional period, which has raised expectations for price stability and product reliability improvements, but these expectations may be overly optimistic. Today’s dependence on imports has decreased. A large number of pigments produced by European manufacturers are still located in the high-end market, although mergers and acquisitions have made these pigments more concentrated. However, there is little evidence that these changes can eliminate common problems caused by price fluctuations and theRead More …

A novel trilayer antireflection coating using dip-coating technique

The market for texture coatings will reach US$10.99 billion in 2022

Texture paints are mainly used to cover uneven surfaces to prevent wall damage. The aesthetic value, function value of texture coating and its wide application in interior design are the main factors that promote the development of the texture coating market. The extensive use of texture coatings in the residential and non-domestic sectors will drive the steady growth of the texture coatings market. In 2017, the size of the texture coating market was US$8.77 billion. It will increase at aRead More …

Nano polymer films by fast dip coating method for field effect transistor applications