Can production process in the spray powder application

Of the canning process, the tank internal use of pre-printed iron, coated paint to give to stay side seam welding Department Food Liquid Coatings, Printing, generally coated to stay side is more difficult, many plant before seam welding The scraping edge processing, does not affect the quality of the seam welding. Also complement coated weld seam welding, the process is more complex, but the quality is not easy to guarantee. Increasingly popular in recent years, powder coating paint process is increasingly being used in the canning industry, for the canning industry, powder coating process, although not new, but people really started to pay attention to it is nearly few years. In the United States 20 years ago, three weld the inside of the tank to produce the powder coating process. Powder coating the coating is thicker than the coating of the liquid paint coating, powder coating process can be more effective in preventing iron foul taste and color of canned food. At present, the world has at least 800 canning production line weld the inside of the powder coating technology for the production.

At present, the process in the canning industry in the field of Real Application cans coating repair and three cans of the inside of the coating. After a number of scientific experiments proved that the powder paint coating is ideal, the use of powder coating treatment can be used to the canned variety of food, beer, beverage and aerosol. Some people think that the powder coating process within the next decade will increasingly be applied to the two cans and beverage cans.

Why is powder coating process is so attractive? Powder coating is more conducive to environmental protection, highly reliable environmental performance, but also has good economic benefits. Powder Coating 100% solid material, and compared to liquid paint, no solvents, the composition is exactly the same. When the tank is placed in the oven is heated, the powder melted to form a continuous film.

Can industrial use most of the powder coating with epoxy or polyester, varnish or paint to the modification. Coating utilization is very high, so the loss is very small, especially in the recovery system can collect the overspray powder and spray powder to be adjusted, re-enter the system circulation and then.

Powder coating is solid, so using the process of purification, such as recycling and cleaning, transportation and processing in the solid state. The powder coating process does not produce a loss of liquid paint, liquid paint loss is not easily controlled, and expensive.

Powder Coating in the next few years, may become one of the coating technology of a large number of applications. As the powder paint is dry, 100% solid state, and thus comply with the requirements of worldwide governments at all levels to reduce or prohibit the use of volatile organic compounds paint. For each canning plant, the use of this solvent-free powder coating is an effective method of tank surface treatment processes to eliminate organic compounds volatile.

For environmental protection, the use of the can body and lid of the powder coating treatment, not only for the canning factory, but also beneficial to the food and packaging manufacturers. In order to meet customer requirements are getting higher and higher grade of product packaging, food packaging plant has been seeking different, unconventional means of settlement. This food canned containers consistent with the safety requirements of environmental protection, and ease of production. If considered purely from the perspective of marketing, canned containers with powder coating treatment can make the bottling plant to establish the image of an environmental pacesetter. As the circulation of environmentally friendly products currently on the market, very strong sales in the market.

The new cans lids and three cans of coating repair equipment are based on full automatic control system. The typical system of powder coating powder feeder from the powder supply station sucked out, transferred to the recovery from the recovery of the original powder and the recovery of powder mixed, and then mixed with air at the same time sent by the pump system to the friction gun . When the powder sent to the tank body or lid, spray gun, electrification by friction, so that the powder particles to bring in the electrostatic charge, and charge the powder adsorbed to the special uniform spray cans or lid, and all over spray paint completely into the recirculation device to be recovered, adjusted to re-use.

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