Characteristics of electrostatic powder coating spraying

  1. Electrostatic powder coating spraying because he does not use the solvent will not cause solvent pollution in the atmosphere, while avoiding the danger of fire due to the solvent, is also easy to transport and storage of raw materials.
  2. The spraying process, the overspray powder is not coated on the workpiece can be recovered, the recovery rate of up to more than 95%, to improve the utilization of raw materials, to reduce the material consumption costs.
  3. Superior film performance, better than the general liquid paint acid, alkali, salt corrosive powder coating, the same coating thickness, adhesion is also higher.
  4. A general liquid paint coating thin layer of powder coatings instead of several layers of ordinary liquid coatings, can shorten the duration of production, and is conducive to the organization of the assembly line production.
  5. For the coating of 40um or less thin coating of difficulties.
  6. The color change is more difficult to change this year, can greatly shorten the color change. But at the same time can not be the spraying of a mixed color of the two powders.

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