Comparison between Ultra-low bake and ultraviolet

Ultra-low bake (ULB) and ultraviolet (UV) Which is Better?

The choice of whether to use UV or ULB powders primarily depends on the requirements of the application. Generally, ULB powders are recommended for lower-performance end uses (e.g., TV stands shelves, etc.) as they meet the furniture standards for “general use.” Also, compared to UV powder coatings, ULB powders offer a broader color range and a lower cost per square foot coated. Some colors, such as deep yellows, are difficult to cure with UV light, and there are also difficulties in curing very thick coatings. Moreover, while ULB powders can be used successfully on complex 3D shapes, hidden areas will remain uncured when using UV powders.

UV powders are generally recommended where high performance is needed. In offices and kitchens, furniture generally must meet the standard for severe usage. The heating cycle used to melt a UV powder is milder and, unlike that of a ULB powder, separate from the curing process. This inherent latency means that smooth finishes are much easier to obtain. Consequently, the choice of the right MDF (in order to reduce deformation of the board and edge cracking) is less critical for UV powders, allowing the use of a lower-cost substrate. The next generation of UV powder offers superior mechanical and chemical properties.

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