How to carry out construction for Fireproof coatings

(1) primary requirements should be thoroughly clean the steel surface rust (1-2) times, the best brush on the anti-rust paint, spraying agent to remove surface dust.

(2) fire-resistant coating two-component packaging and single-component packaging two. Two-component packaging requirements, the dry ingredients and liquid coatings in the use of additional water within 10 minutes Stir within 20 minutes after spraying to prevent improve curing. Single component packaging, a little stir, can not readily be diluted with water before use.

(3) the temperature of the spray in more than 5 degrees. Each coating thickness (2 to 8) mm. Spray more times more thick coating, spraying each separated by (2-8) hours, until the spray to the required thickness of the until.

(4) just spray the coating to be avoided by the rain, (48 ~ 96) hours later, fully cured dry.

(5) paint storage temperature (4 ~ 30), can not exist outside or in the exposure, the effective storage period is six months.

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