Conveyorized Systems for powder coating application

Before considering the design and implementation of a conveyorized powder coating system, a few questions need to be answered. Proper design begins with preparation and research. Where will the system be built? Location is essential for efficient transportation of products to and from the powder coating powder facili ty.

  • What is the available floor space? As you begin designing the powder application system, it’s important to have a clear understanding of the facilities floor space and the location of each of your utility hook-ups. It can be very costly to find that you placed your pretreatment area on the wrong side of the building, away from sewer and water hook-ups.
  • What size is the largest part that will move through the application system.? Length, width, height and weight are considerations.
  • What kind of production rates are necessary? Consider short and long term requirements.
  • What utility capacities are available? Electrical, water, gas and air; and sewer hook-ups.
  • What permits are required? Building permits for modifications, air quality requirements, fire protection, sanitation or sewer limitations.

These requirements may be different in each location. And, this listing is not meant to be complete. You need to do your homework. Proper research saves time and money.The conveyorized system is for higher production needs and generally begins with a loading station for the racking of parts onto a properly grounded conveyor and racking system. A variable speed motor to transport parts from one station to the next is essential. The importance of cleaning and proper lubrication of the conveyor cannot be over emphasized.

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