7 Expression of results – ISO2360

coating thickness testing

7 Expression of results

The expression and presentation of results shall be agreed between interested parties and normally includes:
-a list of all the readings taken;
-the mean, maximum, minimum readings;
-the standard deviation and/or coefficient of variation.

8 Measurement uncertainty

The instrument, its calibration, and its operation shall be such that the coating thickness can be determined to within 10 % of its true thickness.

9 Test report

The test report shall include the following information:

a) all information necessary for the identification of the test specimen;

b) a reference to this standard, including its date of publication, i.e., ISO 2360:2003;

c) the sizes of the test areas, in square millimetres, over which the measurements were made;

NOTE Other units of measurement may be used upon agreement between supplier and client.

d) the location(s) of the test area(s) on each specimen;

e) the number of test specimens measured;

f) the measured thicknesses, in micrometres, at each area at which the tests were carried out and the number of measurements averaged and the standard deviation for each reported measurement;

g) the name of the operator and testing laboratory;

h) the date on which the measurements were made;

i) any unusual features observed and any circumstances or conditions thought likely to affect the results or their validity;

j) any deviation from the method specified;

k) an identification of the instrument, probe and standards used for the tests, including reference to any validation certification of the equipment.

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