Exterior architectural gloss coatings pigment selection

There are two primary types of TiO2 pigments: those which enamel grade performances below Critical Pigment Volume Concentration (CPVC), which corresponds to gloss and semi gloss powder coatings, and those improving spacing characteristics for above CPVC coatings applications (flat aspect).

Exterior architectural gloss coatings pigment selection is based upon a good balance of properties associated to tight Particle Size Distribution which enables product to provide superior exterior high gloss.

Within the extensive choice of pigments, the main ones for this application which deliver hiding performances, easy dispersion, maximum gloss coupled with exterior durability are illustrated below.

Ti Pure® R-706,because of its outstanding combination of end-use performance properties delivers both maximal initial gloss and excellent exterior durability in coatings. With its smaller particle size and bluer undertone, Ti Pure® R-706 will provide brighter, cleaner colors in tinted systems and represent an ideal choice for emulsion trim paints.Providing superior hiding performances, resistance to weathering and high gloss retention, this pigment is highly recommended for gloss exterior architectural coatings.

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