Marine platform heavy anti-corrosion coatings

Inorganic zinc rich primer is one of the long-term primer, but it is a solvent-based coatings, pollution of the environment. Water-borne inorganic zinc-rich primer and high modulus potassium silicate binder is a proven environmentally friendly high-performance anti-corrosion coatings, if they can improve their physical properties and performance of construction, the strain potential growth.

“Thick film” anti-corrosion coatings

The thick film “heavy anti-corrosion coating refers to the first film in more than 100μm coating species. In recent years the development of high solids coatings, solvent-based paints fall into this category. Once into the thickness of such coatings, construction, pollution, anti-corrosion, marine platform, heavy anti-corrosion coatings development in one direction.

Underwater repair coating

Underwater repair coating is underwater or wet the steel surface, slightly fast curing coating surface treatment can paint. This type of coating in the repair maintenance of offshore platforms will play a significant role.

Good matching paint and cathodic protection

In the immersion zone, the protection of steel structures in general by the cathodic protection and coating protection to complete, which requires both a good match to generate synergies.

IPN organic high molecular weight anti-corrosion coatings

Through the formation of interpenetrating polymer network (IPN) to improve the performance of the polymer, the following physical blending and chemical blend of the polymer after the emergence of a new type of polymer blends. IPN is a mixture of two or more polymers of the respective cross-linked interlocking network, and no chemical bonding between these networks is the interpenetrating of different networks at the molecular level. IPN blends technology has been used in the coatings industry, the application will have a broad prospect in the offshore platform heavy anti-corrosion coatings.

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