High solids polyester amino acrylic paint

Formulation and production of high solids polyester amino acrylic paint

High solids polyester amino acrylic paint is used primarily as an topcoat on passenger cars,motorcycles and other vehicles with better protection.It has the following features:

  •  Various application methods are available for High solids polyester amino acrylic paint,such as electrostatic spraying,air spraying,brushing .
  • Drying conditions: baking at 140 ℃ with 30min
  • Thick coating: During the application process,under the same conditions,one coating thickness is 1/3 more than ordinary high-solids paint, which can effectively reduce the number of process, reduce waste of resources,also greatly reduces the contamination of organic solvents on construction site.

Formulation of high solids polyester amino acrylic paint

Raw material Standard & index Weight percentage
titanium dioxide Rutile type 23-26
Phthalein dragonhead  First grade Right Amount
saturated polyester resin Solids 80% 30-36
acrylic resin Solid 75% 15-20
Methyl etherification melamine formaldehyde resin Solid 80% 12-18
Ricinate Right Amount
Leveling agent Right amount
defoaming agents Right amount
mixed solvent
propylene glycol monoethyl ether
xylene 6-9
diacetone alcohol
High boiling point aromatic hydrocarbons

Production process of High solids polyester amino acrylic paint

Add the amount of solvents,wetting and dispersing additive to Color pigments and mix uniformly;Add part of acrylic resin, saturated polyester resin, pre-polymeric dispersion with a horizontal sand mill for rolling a dichroic colorant, the required fineness of 10um or less. Add again the resin as per formula ,paint mixing as per the standard color ,control the color range AE<0.60 after film, adjust until to meet to all the indicators, then filter, load barrel. According to this process a variety of craft paint can be made for users to choose.

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