Hollow microspheres used in high temperature powder coating

Hollow microspheres is a new functional fillers, Until Rrcent years, the characteristics of hollow microspheres were only found in the powder coating application and several well-known powder coating company has used it for mass production, customer feedback is very good.

The features is as followed:

The hollow microspheres is a thick hollow body with good fluidity,hardness of Ta Mok’s 5-7, and temperature resistant up to 1400 degrees, with the composition of the aluminum silicate it has excellent anti-corrosion to acid .

Added with hollow microspheres the flow properties of powder coating can be greatly improved,as well as with good flexibility,good feeling.Corrosion resistance and scratch resistance are significantly increased.By adding a certain amount it will have matte finish, can reduce the amount of matting agents greatly which reduce the cost .

The use rate of 5-15% is recommended,the following is the formulations and test data for high temperature powder coating,just for your reference:

Formula of high temperature powder coating(g)
Raw material Ratio
Modified resin 500
Curing agent 26
Mica powder
Talcum powder 198
Hollow microspheres 150
Antifoaming agent 5
Flatting agent 8.5
high-temperature resistant pigment
Other additives 1.5


Performance Data
Testing items Index
Appearance Black, micro orange peel
Impact 35
Gloss (60) 33
Coating thickness 50um
Hardness 5H
Flexibility(mm) 4
Adhesion/grade 2
Heat resistance Long time under 450C,short time under 400C

No cracking, bubble, color change

Acid resistance(5%HCL) 300h no fading, bubble,  ecclasis
Alkali resistance(5%NaOH) 300h no fading, bubble,  ecclasis

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