How to control the quality of matting agents dispersion in powder coating or paint

When we use fillers as matting agents in powder paint or coatings it is advisable to measure Grindometer or Hegmann value in order to receive information about the dispersing degree. Second, we can control the gloss degree at an angle of 60°.

For the other above mentioned product groups the main parameter should be the control of gloss behavior. However, in order to get an extensive understanding about the matt degree of the paint it is necessary to take measurements at angles of 60° and 85°. Sometimes here Grindometer values can be determined, too. As long as there is no rule that is comparable with common paint systems, it is to accept. Values higher than 25 microns are usual e.g. by using silica-matting agents. If we reduce this Grindometer value we will also reduce the matt effect and increase the gloss. Viscosity and transparency (for clear, sensitive applications) should be compared to a standard.

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