Polyamide (nylon) powder coating

Polyamide resin is a widely used thermoplastic resin, commonly known as nylon. Nylon has good comprehensive properties, high hardness, especially outstanding wear resistance. The kinetic friction coefficient and static friction coefficient of nylon coating are small, and it has lubrication ability. Therefore, it is used in textile machinery bearings, gears and valves, etc. Nylon powder coating has Good lubrication ability, low operating noise, good flexibility, excellent adhesion and resistance to chemicals and solvents make it an ideal wear-resistant lubricating coating to replace copper, aluminum, cadmium, steel, etc., nylon The coating density is only 1/7 of copper, but the wear resistance is 8 times that of copper.


Nylon powder coatings are non-toxic, odorless and tasteless, combined with the fact that they are not attacked by fungi and do not promote the growth of bacteria, making them successfully used in the food processing industry to coat machine parts and piping systems, or to coat food products Surfaces capable of direct contact. Because of its good water resistance and salt water resistance, it is also often used in the coating of washing machine parts.


An important application area for nylon powder coatings is the coating of various types of handles, not only because of their important characteristics such as abrasion and scratch resistance, but also because their low thermal conductivity makes the handles feel soft and makes these The material is ideal for painting tool handles, door handles, and steering wheels.


Compared with other coatings, nylon coatings have poor chemical resistance and are not suitable for use in acid, alkali and other chemical environments. Therefore, some epoxy resin is generally added as a modifier, which can not only improve the corrosion resistance of the nylon coating, but also improve the bonding strength between the coating and the metal substrate. Nylon powder has high water absorption and is prone to moisture during construction and storage. Therefore, it needs to be stored under sealed conditions and is not suitable for long-term use in hot and humid conditions. Another point is that the plasticizing time of nylon powder is relatively short, and there are even coatings that can achieve the desired effect without plasticizing. This is a special point of nylon powder.

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