Powder coated wood has no VOC’s No HAP’s

Wood powder coating offers many healthy benefits when compared with liquid paint, laminate, melamine, and thermofoil surfaces. Powder coated wood has no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) that can negatively impact a healthy interior environment. VOC’s found around the house in products such as paint, solvents, and wood preservatives, contribute to “sick building syndrome” because of their high vapor pressure. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) studies have found concentrations of VOCs in indoor air quality to be two to five times greater than in outdoor air, during certain activities indoor levels of VOC’s may reach 1,000 times that of the outside air. Powder coated wood is free of dangerous chemicals even to the point that the raw powder can be disposed of in landfills without the need for any permits or concerns.

High levels of VOC Exposure in indoor air can cause numerous problems and will vary widely depending on:

  • The volume of air in the room/building
  • The rate at which the VOC is off-gassed
  • The building ventilation rate
  • Outdoor concentrations; and
  • Time spent in the effected environment.

No HAP’s (hazardous air pollutants)

There are no HAP’s involved in the powder coating of wood manufacturing process, unlike liquid finishing, which can contaminate the outdoor air quality and ozone levels.

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