Powder coating paint

As a professional manufacturer of powder coating, Jinhu Color Powder Coating Co.Ltd supply most kinds of powder coating paint ,that highly contributes to your decoration of the world .

Our products range including :

  1. Epoxy system
  2. Polyester system
  3. Epoxy polyester system
  4. Polyurethane system
  5. Anti gassing powder coating paint
  6. Antimicrobial powder coating paints
  7. Crocodile Skin powder coating paint
  8. Wood grain powder coating paints

The products have no solvent and no pollution; they are convenient to transportation and suitable for static-spraying and automatic line. The coating film is of high decoration and anti-corrosion, widely applied to motorcars, household electric appliances, apparatuses and instruments, fire protection equipment and traffic facilities.

With great effort of our technical team,most colors is customized as per requirement from our customers ,and those color variants supply more choices for your decoration freedom .You can find more from our color catalog.

Color matching service is always open for you,in the help of professional technicians team please be assured that your need for powder coating paint will always be satisfied .

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