Powder coating prices

Powder coating prices – we supply flexible pricing mechanism for your powder coating selection . For epoxy powder coating prices at 2.9-3.3 USD/KG ,polyester powder coating prices at 2.5 – 3.5 USD/KG, hybrid powder prices at 2.2 – 3.2 USD/KG, polyurethane system prices at 3-5 USD/KG , all prices vary with colors and coating finish conditions .

In order to quote you an accurate prices,the following information should be supplied:

  • Colors code ,or pictures that can show the rough colors
  • Surface conditions:Texture,hammer, sand …It is better to show a picture or to send your real samples.
  • Using conditions:indoor use or outdoor use,that depends on the powder chemistry system ,they have big difference in prices.
  • What product to coat : the substrate must be known clearly,that depends on to some extent the formula of powders .

If you have this requirement for prices and any questions , please kindly call us or write to us.

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