Advantages of wood powder coating on wood furniture

Several furniture and cabinetry manufacturers have had success with wood powder coating MDF.  Pigmented powder applications to MDF have been developed and used more extensively than coating of natural wood, or clear coating of MDF.  Establishing a new system may require significant research and production trials to achieve desired process efficiency and final product quality.

Powder coatings has a high transfer efficiency, reduced (or no) emissions, one-step, one-coat process, elimination of edge banding, significant reduction of exhaust and oven ventilation air, minimal drying time (eliminating the drying oven and associated energy use and floor space), reduced labor via increased automation, and high durability and chemical resistance.

Most shapes and profiles can be successfully powder coated with adjustments to the powder formulation, flow, gun and/or lamp placement (for UV curing).

Although energy output from UV lamps is high, elimination of thermal oven drying equates to much lower energy consumption with UV over thermal.

The powders cost more per unit quantity than other coatings, however a cost analysis on the total cost per applied square foot is typically significantly lower over liquid coating and laminating system

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