Powder paint function of “covering up defect “

Construction machinery and equipment due to poor surface roughness and smoothness, resulting in uneven surface. Used special paint as sprinkled points paint, and orange lines paint, and hammer lines paint, in artifacts surface formed has icing of paint film, not only can cover products surface of rugged, and can reduced scraping coated PuTTY, and polished time, reduce has employees intensity, simplified has process, shortened has production cycle, save has raw materials, and elimination has late PuTTY cracking hidden, is currently large mechanical industry more ideal of decorative sex paint.

The orange-peel finish

Orange-peel finish made of resin, additives (including Agent Orange skin), thinners and paint preparation. The workpiece surfaces like orange peel or leather texture name. Qualified spray orange peel finish clear lines, stronger, can be a good cover up rough metallic surface defects, the effect of art.

Construction technology of orange-peel finish identical to the conventional coating, spraying, the need to spray primer antirust paint, primer cover evenly, completely dry, and then use the normal low pressure spray guns for paint spraying. Spray paint Orange ruled it normally takes two, on-site construction needed orange pattern size control paint viscosity and velocity of the gun. Currently I have products company crane hook pioneered the use of orange-peel finish on processing, not only improves the hook spraying efficiency, and improves the appearance of decorative products.

wrinkle peel paint

Hammer paint

Hammer paint resins, non-leafing aluminum powders, additives and solvents is made. Hammer formation is the use of spray guns spray unevenly shallow basins of spotted, spotted in the precipitation of non-leafing Aluminum powder lacquer floating, and pigment formation boundaries. While solvent Vortex, in synergy with the Silicon oil additive, driven sinking aluminum rotation, aluminum being pushed around in the paint, showing shallow Bowl-like hammer spent. Aluminum powder in a shallow Bowl-shaped membrane surface reflection light interference, showing a hammer. Aluminum Flake pigment forming hammer is mainly thanks to the spray paint can flow into one another on the surface in a join, aluminum spin formed one by a saucer-like Vortex lacquer floating on the aluminum top, which makes these vortices show shining aluminium metallic hammer and even beautiful.

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