Quality Certification for MDF powder coating

MDF powder coating needs what level of quality is ultimately the customer decides. Customers a variety of requirements for MDF powder coating is very important. For the production of TV cabinets, monitors, bathroom furniture or cabinet doors, MDF coating is very different. Decided to use what powder, what quality MDF and paint line design, you must first find out the customer’s quality requirements.

When required to achieve high-quality MDF powder coating, we have to use the most active high-performance powder, the selection of very good quality MDF and curing conditions are the most complete, in order to get the job done. Can not accept any compromise in this case, if the powder coating company strictly abide by these principles, the MDF powder coating will be very successful.

In some cases, the coating performance and MDF edge of quality and productivity and cost important. In these cases, the powder of the low response rate, low-quality MDF and curing conditions are not complete spraying production line may still be able to produce acceptable powder coating products.

Obviously, the customers’ product specifications may determine the success of the powder coating or not. So, before making any decision MDF powder coating to commercial, in as much detail as possible to discuss the relevant aspects of the required level of quality is very important.


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