Selection of powder coatings for lamps

The choice of powder coating for lamps mainly depends on the environment and purpose of its use. Generally speaking, lamp powder coatings need to have good heat resistance, corrosion resistance and weather resistance to protect the lamps from damage from the external environment.

Indoor lighting
For lamps used indoors, powder coatings with better decorative and protective properties are usually chosen. These coatings have good adhesion, hiding power and scrub resistance, and can provide good protection and decorative effects for lamps.

Outdoor lighting
For lamps used outdoors, since they need to withstand harsh environments such as wind, sun, rain, etc., it is necessary to choose powder coatings with high weather resistance. These coatings can effectively resist the erosion of ultraviolet rays, rain and other harmful substances, extending the service life of lamps.

Functional lamps
Some lamps may also need to have special functions such as anti-static and fire protection. In this case, you need to choose the corresponding functional powder coating.

Actual demand
In general, the selection of lamp powder coatings should be based on the actual use environment and needs to ensure that the lamps can work properly and have good appearance.

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