Development Trend Forecast of appliance powder coatings

With the growing competition in the appliance industry, household electrical appliance enterprises will inevitably choose to ferret out potential. Through new technologies, reduce the cost of large-scale use of powder coatings in refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines and small appliances and other products in the production process has also become an important part of enterprises to improve their market competitiveness. Today, household electrical appliance enterprises began to try a low-temperature fast curing powder coating powder.

The analyst pointed out: because the price of titanium dioxide have a great impact on the cost of powder coating. At present, the price of titanium dioxide occupy a high position. The current response to titanium dioxide high prices is to reduce the amount of titanium dioxide used per square meter or per unit. To achieve this goal, can be used to reduce the thickness of the coating and to reduce the per unit amount of household appliances powder solutions through technological innovation.

At present, there are thousands in China’s home appliance powder coating manufacturer, including domestic SMEs, Most of these companies to occupy the low-end market for the products of low quality and low price. Foreign appliance powder coating brand with strong strength in China. In recent years, the capacity of these enterprises can expanded.

In recent years, the color and texture of home appliance products, played a very key role in consumer purchase decisions. Therefore, the 2012 to 2013, appliance paint color design trends will be a large number of elements from nature, including fresh and elegant color and natural texture effects, such as imitation stone textures, animals, textures. And has the effect of plain and soft touch effect powder coating will lead the color trend.

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