Troubleshooting to Hoses and pumps-Venturi operation

Problem, Cause and Remedy

Plugged from impact fusion-hard build-up.Normal build-upClean or replace parts
Air pressure too highTurn down air settings on pumps and guns
Moisture in air supplyCheck air supply for clean, dry air.
Composition of powder feed hosesCheck hoses
Worn venturis and wear partsReplace worn parts
Powder too fineToo much reclaim added to virgin powder
Virgin powder pulverized too fine by manufacturer
Powder type or formulaSome resin types tend to have more impact fusion. Check with your powder supplie
Insufficient powder feedPowder not fluidizingSee fluidized bed section
Obstruction from contaminated powder supplyClean out venturis and hoses.
Check powder supply for contamination.
Sieve all reclaim before using
Kinked or flattened hosesReplace if permanently deformed.
Avoid sharp bends. Use hose saddles for reciprocators.
Run hoses in covered trench across traffic aisles
Worn pump venturis.Replace worn parts
Low air pressureCheck air supply.
Adjust all settings to pumps and guns
Troubleshooting to Hoses and pumps-Venturi operation

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