Advantages of UV-curable powder coatings

UV-curable powder coating is one of the fastest coating chemistries available. From start to finish the entire process for finishing MDF takes 20 min or less, depending on chemistry and part geometry, making it an ideal finish for applications that require a quick turnaround. A completed part requires only one coat, allowing increased production with 40 to 60 percent less energy than other finishing processes.

The UV-curing process is much simpler than other finishing technologies. Curing of a liquid finish requires solvent flash-off, and thermal curing requires 30 min or more to melt and cure. Although thermosetting powder coating does not require solvent flash, the melt and cure temperatures are as high as 450 °F, requiring additional time for cooling prior to handling. The UV-curable powder coating process significantly reduces process times, generating a number of efficiency benefits such as less time waiting on daily start-up and shutdown, increased finish capacity, a reduced number of parts on the finishing line, and a reduction in defects and rework.

The UV powder coatings itself is environmentally friendly, containing no solvent, VOCs, HAPs, monomers or additives, making it safe to use. A spill can be swept or vacuumed with no residual damage to equipment or property. The process also has the smallest carbon footprint of any commercially available finishing technology currently on the market. It can be recycled or repurposed and doesn’t require operating permits.

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