UV powder coating for smooth finishes and wooden furniture

UV Powder coating for Smooth, Matt Finishes

Blends of specific polyesters and epoxy resins permitted the development of smooth, matt finishes for metal and MDF applications. Smooth, matt clear coats were successfully applied on hardwood, on veneered composite board such as beech, ash, oak and on PVC used for resilient flooring. The presence of the epoxy partner in the binder boosted the chemical resistance of all the coatings. The best smoothness was achieved with the binder of modification  without having critical handling problems with the powder.

UV Powder coating for Wooden Furniture

Combined polyester and epoxy structures allowed UV powders applied on MDF (medium-density fiberboard) to pass the norm DIN 68861 specification, including chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance and heat resistance. Four papers published recently have described in detail the test results.

The polyester/epoxy ratio affects the results in accelerated weathering tests; the more polyester in the binder, the less yellowing of the coating. A compromise between UV resistance and chemical resistance or smoothness needs to be found if such accelerated weathering tests must be achieved.

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