Application notes for fissure powder coatings

Electrostatic spraying with ordinary powder spraying techniques, no special requirements. Application is quick and easy, not the problem of coating, a spray can, without increasing the coating process.

Can automatically spray gun, the more uniform texture. Gully and concave need to manually fill spray.

Powder coating powder construction process should seek to spray to the metal workpiece surface is uniform coating of uniform thickness and suitable.

Coating have the following characteristics:

  1. Thick coating can be larger uniform fissure effect, clear texture; thin coating can be detailed and clear texture pattern.
  2. Recommended spraying the order from high to low. First spraying the secondary surface, then spray the main surface, preferably a spray to complete. Some dead ends need to fill local spray, so make the original part of the fissue disappear.
  3. To achieve the best effect of the spray, before the construction of the paint using a coarse sieve of sifted, fluidized bed system for powder device to adjust the powder air pressure, atomizing air pressure, nozzle and workpiece distance, the spray gun and moving speed of the process parameters for the best results. Will be able to grasp the spray characteristics of a skilled master of the spray is simply sprayed two to three workpiece.
  4. To do the spray room hygiene to prevent cross-contamination.
  5. The effect of electrostatic spraying, heavy parts, thermal spraying than the cold spray texture formation (preheating temperature is low, generally in the 60-100 degrees), due to a contact of the powder coatings in thermal spraying The rapid melting of the workpiece, the coating immediately start convection, giving it enough time to rotate to the best of the reflective point of view. Ordinary steel, aluminum, and composite parts, using the cold spray, without preheating.
  6. As the temperature is very important from the texture, so the cold spray of the workpiece, to ensure that within 10-20 minutes to rise to high temperature (140 degrees), low temperature curing system to reach more than 180 degrees, it is particularly suitable for pipeline coating. Fixed furnace oven to do test to determine the best heating speed and holding time, is not much difference between the basic and common powder, a little debugging to production.

Application and Prospect

Fissure powder coating production process is simple, stable performance, quality, excellent decorative properties, has been extensive high-grade radiators and high-end crafts coating of metal surfaces. Crack powder coating because of its particularity, for the various systems, and with the further development of powder coating, to study crack powder coating it is valuable. Fissure powder coating construction is simple, easy and evenly distributed pattern is an ideal decorative powder coatings. Convinced that crack powder paint to the novelty of the decorative effect and reasonable price will be more favored by the majority of the guests of friends.

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