More durable powder coated aluminum

Aluminum for its proportion of small, easy processing, mechanical strength and other characteristics over the years is widely used in the building’s doors and windows, walls and other products. Aluminum is more lively and light metal with a silver-white luster, and the corrosion resistance of the following two characteristics:

The higher the purity, the better the corrosion resistance, mainly because of pure aluminum with oxygen in the air, production in the aluminum surface a thin layer of dense natural oxide film, than any other metal oxide film generated fast and thick multi-, and thus prevent further corrosion of the harmful gases and moisture in the air, plays a protective role;

Aluminum high mechanical strength, corrosion resistance is low. Pure aluminum’s corrosion resistance is good, but poor mechanical strength, which to some extent, restricted the application of aluminum, to this end, the people in the aluminum by adding an appropriate amount of magnesium, copper, zinc and other metals, made from various types of aluminum alloy, the mechanical strength of aluminum greatly improved, greatly expanded the scope of application, but the corrosion resistance than pure aluminum, which is likely due to oxidation and corrosion. This need to protect the powder coatings on aluminum extrusions.

After the powder coating of aluminum in addition to high corrosion resistance, also has many advantages of diversity, color and surface texture, and a variety of colors, exterior house paint echoes to adapt to different styles of buildings.

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