Bright Application scopes for antibacterial powder coating

Why Antibacterial powder coating

Antibacterial and anti mould properties are required when powder coating are used to such applications that coated objects are contacted with number of people and in the fields of foods, medical care and sanitation etc. Antibacterial powder coating helps to fight against disease and infection; the system also stops the growth of bacteria and fungi.

The advantages of this technology are

  1. It doesn’t require any additional capital investment and the conventional extrusion and dry blending operation can be followed.
  2. The cured film exhibits enhanced resistance to bacteria and fungi growth.
  3. The cured film provides excellent mechanical properties, corrosion resistance with good flow and leveling properties.

There are bright scopes for antibacterial powder coatings in the following segments

  1. Domestic appliances: Interior of refrigerators and air blown humidifiers can be powder coated with AB Powder coatings where humidity welcomes the growth of bacteria and fungi.
    Refrigerators, Washing machines and Air conditioners etc. can be powder coated successfully.
  2. Medical care: Hospitals and clinics are looking into using antibacterial powder coated objects (e.g.) Instrument trays, sterilization equipments, lighting fixture, cabinets and cots etc.
  3. Sanitation: Kitchenware, bathroom wears, dish washers and shopping carts etc.
  4. Food equipments: Mixing bowls, serving trays, sinks, cooler, display cases, food processing equipments, and storage bins etc.
  5. Steel furniture industry: Steel shelving, storage cabinets and trays (used in shopping malls) etc.
  6. General industry: Escalators and elevators etc

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