A number of color innovations have been achieved for powder coatings

A number of color innovations have been achieved for powder coating.


Photoluminescent powder coating is able to absorb ultraviolet, fluorescent, or incandescent light, and gradually re-emit the light. These are often available in blue, yellow and green, and are used for road signs, hazard warnings, and markings on trucks, buses, and police cars.


Metallic coatings add sparkle highlights, which can reproduce the appearance of the base metal and add richness to the look of the product. A variety of metallic finishes have been formulated for indoor and outdoor furniture, exercise equipment, lawn and garden tools, and other products, that can resemble the look of gold, chrome, or brass.


Textured coatings are often used to hide substrate irregularities and fingerprints, which may show with a smooth finish. It provides a nonslip surface while giving a distinctive feel to a product. Appearances vary from the look of fine sandpaper, a pebbly texture, or a rougher look resembling alligator skin.


Wrinkle finish is a special class of textures that offer styling variation and a consistent appearance. They exhibit excellent resistance to high wear and weatherability conditions seen with tools, exercise equipment, and shop displays.

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