Many new performance characteristics are available in today’s powder coatings

Many new performance characteristics are available in today’s coatings, from antibacterial properties to the ability to be cured by ultraviolet or even near-infrared radiation.

Advanced Durability

Recent research and testing has developed specially formulated polyester powder coating that provides even greater weatherability than achievable in previous years, and showing greater success in long-term Florida exposure testing. New TGIC-based powders are being used on outdoor stadium seating and other exterior applications that were previously susceptible to degradation from ultraviolet rays. Light poles, lawn furniture, shopping carts and shelving often benefit from powder with polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon) additives for increased resistance to abrasion.

Electroconductive and Electrodissipative

Makers of electronic components sometimes use electroconductive and electrodissipative powder coatings, which provide electrostatic discharge protection of the components, critical during the manufacture, testing, and transport of electronic goods. The most common colors for these special powders are black and charcoal, but lighter colors are also available.

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