How to construct zinc rich epoxy primer

Components: Zinc rch epoxy primer is composed of epoxy resin, curing agent. For two-component dispensing accessory products.

Features: Zinc rich epoxy primer anti corrosive resistance, good mechanical properties, adhesion, conductivity and cathodic protection.

Purposes: can be used as a workshop Primed. Its film thickness of 15 ~ 25μm for welding, and does not affect the welding performance. The product can also be used as the use of anti-rust primer. For bridges, ships, offshore oil drilling platform, harbor facilities.

Fourth, zinc rich epoxy primer construction points:

  1. The substrate through the dust, degreasing. Spray can be brushed.
  2. epoxy paint thinner.
  3. Use epoxy paint: hardener 10:1 ratio preparation, stir, place 10 minutes after the construction. With good paint day run out.
  4. Construction temperature above 10 degrees.
  5. Zinc rich epoxy primer is valid for one year.

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