Powder coatings and coating technology applications continue to expand

Due to the huge environmental pressure, powder coatings continue to replace liquid paint has become the mainstream, as powder coatings and coating technology improvements, powder coating applications. Powder coatings and coating technology improved main source white automobile industry, the appliance industry and general industrial demand growth, including raw materials, milling and coating technology show improvement. Powder coating applications in the automotive industry continues to expand, the car chassis, interior parts, wheels and body powder coating. The technical improvements of the powder coating, the automobile comprising: a transparent powder, transparency, adhesion, leveling and anti-UV light: as much as possible under the premise of ensuring the appearance and performance of powder coatings to reduce the curing temperature; as well as a variety of coating techniques ( such as robotics, airflow control technology and high on flour yield).

The rapid growth in the application of pre-coated metal plate (coil), electrostatic powder coating paint in the home appliance industry, powder coating molten, flowing streams calm curing process can be completed within 25 ~ 60s, and at the same time to maintain the good appearance of the coating with the kinds of resistance. Appliances with the powder coating must have a certain post-formability, the degree of the molding depending on the end use. Good coating plate should be stacked, thin coating of ordinary sheet metal coating line speed should reach 30 to 80fpm coil coating line speed should reach 100 fpm. Additional airflow control (or lower), on the the powder rate or charge transfer rate should be controlled in the best condition. The improvement of the appearance of the coating, in high coating wire-speed curing the main direction of the appliance powder coatings technology improved, it relates to the wavelength of the infrared light / light intensity match of the coating and the substrate, the fast leveling convection heating and induction heat curing manner, good continuity of the surface of the powder coating curing process, as well as the entire cure system Clean.

To promote the development of the automotive industry and the appliance industry, the development of the of specialty powder coating system and coating technology, dedicated powder coatings applicable to different processes in general industrial coatings in growing gradually into previously difficult to get involved in the field (due to colors require too much paint too fast, serious paint bleed too much coating, etc.). Powder coatings in the the ordinary industrial coatings market can provide various batches of the product to meet the needs of many customers and become another highlight. Milling equipment suppliers and increasing raw material suppliers also prompted many regional paint suppliers additional powder coating production line, at the same time, the mature European market has continued with new powder coating raw materials and coating equipment available.

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