Applications of Liquid electrostatic spray-Electrostatic Oiler

Electrostatic Oiler is a successful example of the application of liquid electrostatic spray, it is a set of electromechanical and high-voltage electrostatic technology of high-tech products. It relies on the role of high-voltage electrostatic spray liquid anti-rust oil evenly on the surface of the metal plate (with) material can be widely used in the process of material production line of steel and non-ferrous metal plate (with), as well as other high quality oiled .

Electrostatic Oiler work the droplet spray atomization basic principle:

Knife beam and steel plate between Dangtu oil knife beam is connected to the high voltage DC power negative, on the establishment of a high-voltage electrostatic field. Generating corona discharge phenomenon due to oil coating of the edge of the knife beam is relatively sharp, very small radius of curvature at the tip of the knife beam, the air molecule is ionized in this case the positive and negative ions, these positive and negative ions along the electric line rapid movement positive ions fly injector knife beam is neutralized, negative ions (positively charged) and flew to the steel plate, the way and the oil droplets collided leaving the oil droplets charged were electric field acceleration.

With the gradual increase of oil droplets of a negative charge on the surface of the electrostatic repulsion between the charge increases accordingly, when the electrostatic repulsion between the charge exceeds the surface tension of the droplet, the droplet will be broken, the macro is atomizing phenomenon will ultimately atomized droplets uniformly sprayed on the strip (steel sheet).

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