Development prospects and research directions of Electrostatic spraying technology

Electrostatic spraying technology has been 50 years of development history, and now, with its technology widely used in all walks of life have been developed by computer-controlled automatic spraying device can be complex operation, the robot carries with electrostatic spraying devices. And continuously explore electrostatic atomization technology with electrostatic spraying, electrostatic atomization technology, has studied the technology of the electrostatic inkjet technology, the electrostatic atomization of the liquid fuel, electric propulsion technology, spray charging dust removal technology, electrostatic pesticide spraying techniques, electrospray ionization mass spectrometry technology, the electrostatic modulation technique of the suspension solution, electrostatic particle technology, charged the mist elimination Ray technology, water mist fire suppression technology.

The liquid or powdered solid test principle and the atomization mechanism will become the focus of the study of electrostatic spraying technology, to study electrostatic spraying technology, while future research should focus on the specific focus on the following aspects.

  1. Research a suitable spraying medium and spraying equipment. Spraying for different objects to select a suitable solid or liquid coating medium, but also for different spray medium developed different shape of the nozzle or nozzles, and its structure will affect the electric field intensity and the charge quantity of the spray medium of the vicinity of the nozzle, thus affecting Fog of the effect and quality of the entire spray, so good spray medium and spraying equipment to ensure superior spray technology prerequisite.
  2. This is the core of the entire electrostatic spraying technology continue to improve the electrostatic spray atomization mechanism. Electrostatic field through the establishment of an appropriate mathematical model to analyze the impact of the spray powder or droplet thickness, surface tension and adhesion strength and return to a mathematical formula to identify the main factors to affect the electrostatic atomization of the spray medium theoretically.
  3. Strengthen the study of the test principle and test the phenomenon of electrostatic spraying, advanced test instruments and test methods to measure thickness, uniformity, deposition efficiency of spray particles atomized indicators, micro-testing techniques for spraying technology, and so can be better to test the correctness of the theory of argumentation.
  4. Constantly improve the process of electrostatic spraying technology, making simple and efficient spraying operations line. Determine the optimum spray effect parameters, such as voltage, the spraying distance, the spray medium flow or pressure, etc., so that from the macro beneficial research electrostatic spraying technology.

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