Classification of electrostatic spraying nozzle

Electrostatic spraying can be divided into the way the air or hydraulic atomizing electrostatic spraying, centrifugal electrostatic spraying, etc.; direct nozzle electrostatic spraying, electrostatic spray of Y-type nozzle target nozzle electrostatic spraying can be divided according to the different characteristics of the nozzle; in accordance with the paint can be divided into the different nature of the solid powder electrostatic spraying and electrostatic spraying of liquid atomization.

Widely used in the coating of the plate surface of the electrostatic powder coating spraying, in the electrostatic spraying of the liquid electrostatic oiling, electrostatic painting, etc. according to the own characteristics of the different liquids technology being used in industrial production。

In addition, according to the different uses of the spraying, electrostatic spraying nozzle can be divided into many such as SELaw developed the embedded electrostatic induction nozzle British turntable electrostatic nozzle, Japanese miniature cone rotating nozzle, Mist nozzle, our wind automatically turn the cage nozzle, electrostatic crushed droplet discharge head, air percussive hydraulic nozzle and two-fluid electrostatic nozzle.

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