Powder coated wood is Green Friendly and Healthy Lifestyle

The powder coating wood process is environmentally responsible since the powder coating wood process has no VOC’s or dangerous chemicals, as a matter of fact there are no environmental permits required for powder coating wood so the application process is very environmentally responsible.The materials are very green friendly.Also, powder coated wood can offer a healthy lifestyle benefit using antimicrobial additives from DuPont which will can remove 99.9% of the surface bacteria, plus since this finish is seamless there are no crevices for bacteria to hide and foster. This is a great product for health care, day care, schools or any environment where bacteria can be a threat.

Sleekly designed painted finishes are becoming vogue as one of designers most recent fashion trends. Architects, designers, and decorators are using powder coated wood to create this painted finish a popular fashion trend.Powder coated wood is projected to grow rapidly over the next five years and this growth will largely be due to the dramatic improvement in the finish appearance, finish performance and the rapidly growing interest in being Green responsible. So now it is possible to have form and function. So now you can have sleek and be durable, so now it is possible to have form and function.

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