Five elements of the coating technology system

Coating technology, the definition of the concept of the painting process and the thinking of the current argument, I believe that the structure of the the coating technical knowledge system should be the main factors (elements) and a secondary factor; major factors should be divided into five major elements: coating materials (chemical materials and accessories), painting equipment (including tools), the painting environment, painting process, painting Management. Specific analysis and study of the five elements.

The coating material is chemical materials and accessories used in the coating production process. Cleaning agents, surface conditioning agents, the phosphating solution, the passivating solution, a variety of coatings, such as electrostatic powder coating, solvent, putty, sealants, rust wax and other chemical materials; use should also include gauze, sandpaper, process rubber and plastic parts.

Coating technology point of view, should focus on understanding the technical performance of the material for chemical materials, painting environment, equipment requirements, the process according to the actual situation, the choice of coating chemical materials and accessories. How to manufacture these products, should be the scope of the study of the fine chemical technology.

The painting equipment means equipment and tools used in the coating production process. Shot blast equipment and abrasives, degreasing, cleaning, phosphating equipment, electrophoretic coating equipment, spray booth, leveling room, drying room, strong cold chamber; dipping, roller coating equipment, electrostatic spraying equipment, powder coating equipment; coating supply unit painting machine (plane), painting, transport equipment, coating station apparatus; clean cleaning equipment (system), compressed air supply equipment (facilities); trial equipment. Painting equipment is the the coating technical knowledge system of the most important form of hardware, and a great influence on the progress of coating technology.

Painting environment within the coating equipment outside the space environment. Including painting workshop (plant) internal and external painting workshop (plant) space should be speaking from space, not just part of the ground. For technical parameters speaking, painting workshop (plant), temperature, humidity, cleanliness, illumination (lighting and lighting), ventilation, pollutant control, etc. should be included. Painting workshop (plant) external environment should be arranged by the total plant plane away from the source of pollution, enhance greening and dust, improving environmental quality.

The concept should be much larger than the traditional understanding of the scope of the coating process, the content is also much richer. The coating process should include a process methods, processes, process; should be included in the coating process design and process test; should include the system considering the various elements of the painting workshop (coating production sites), the arrangement, the arrangement; should also request and content according to the laws and regulations of the various restrictions and conditions including other professional. Understand a few basic concepts of the process, process method, process, process, and relationship between, please see “On the nature of the process n, this article is no longer too much discussion.

Coating management, that is, in the specific circumstances of the painting owned by the organization resources for the effective planning, organization, leadership and control, in order to reach a target of established painting. Coating management is linked with certain companies, the majority of large enterprises in a workshop or factory, a small number of independently operated corporate enterprise. Coating management is a subsystem of the entire enterprise management system, and on the discussion of painting Management should be carried out under the conditions of this premise.

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