Introduction of electrostatic spraying equipment

Dusting equipment electrostatic powder coating commonly known as “electrostatic spray”. The spray can be manual, automatic or manual + automatic. 100% of the spray material is a solid powder, the free powders can recycle the paint recycling rate up to 98%. Suspension of the transport system, a high degree of automation. The coated microporous less, good corrosion resistance, and can be a thick film.

Electrostatic powder coating based on having an atomizing Tsui (the paint atomizing), and the discharge stage (charge current occurs) a coating machine so that the paint particles, is applied to the pairs of charge and an electric field is formed between the electrode and the object to be coated, using its electrostatic adsorption coating.

Electrostatic powder coating process appeared in the 1960s, mainly used in metal surface coating. The late 1990s into the 20th century, with the development of powder coating and spraying equipment, electrostatic powder coating process is applied to a non-metallic surface possible.

With the environmental laws of the increasingly stringent requirements in the atmospheric content of volatile organic compounds (voc), coating industry has been trying to develop a more moderate coating technology on the environment, Ningbo dusting equipment found after long-term research and experimental electrostatic powder coating to achieve clean coating technology.

Powder coating does not use organic solvent, water and other volatile solvents, an inorganic solvent-based coatings, which significantly reduces the solvent due to the pollution nuisance caused by poisoning of the operating personnel, including solvent containing; will not result in an organic solvent and cause a fire.

From powder coating available so far, have not caused major accidents due to powder coating.

The powder coating is a coating, pure solid component can be completely automatic spraying large or super spray powder was easily collected by the recovery system, to achieve the purpose of recycling. Therefore, the utilization rate of the powder coating is almost up to 100%, making the coating industry to reduce waste disposal costs, and at the same time can minimize the extent of environmental pollution. Significant economic benefits.

The coating film-forming component, a solvent-type about 60% to 65%, while the powder coating can be achieved almost 100% efficiency, and not attached to the object to be sprayed powder can be recycled. Under normal circumstances, the use of powder coating technology for painting can be as much as possible to achieve economic and effectiveness. In the powder coating operation, if there is a spraying bad parts can be in without before baking, using an air spray gun be purged, and then re-painting. Therefore, to avoid surface flow of paint drops paint phenomenon, greatly reduces the chance of rework recoating.

Using electrostatic spraying operations due to powder coating, painting equipment almost up to fully automated, saving a human source. Even artificial, painting over a long period of training is not necessary to master the operating skills. The powder coating is a 100% solids composition, without adding any solvent, the coating amount is reduced, saving packaging, reducing storage space.

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