The application of epoxy electrically conductive putty

Intended Uses

Used to repair and fill up the floor surface before painting with antistatic finish in order to provide smooth conductive surface for next coat.

Product Information

It can be applied by doctor blade. Thick film may be obtained. After drying, no contraction or crack takes place to the film. Easy to be applied.The film possesses good adhesion, high strength, and small electric resistance. Its apperance is smooth.

Application details

Volume Solids:90%
Dry Flm Thickness: Depending on substrate smoothness. High thickness of film can be made with doctor blade method if necessary.
Theoretical Coverage:8.3-12.5 m2/kg(0.08-0.12 kg/ m2),based on one coat with doctor blade application
Practical Coverage:Allow appropriate loss

Storage and Handling

Mix Radio:A:B=5:1(by weight)
Method of Application
–Doctor Blade:Recommended-Pour the mixture on the floor and apply quickly with Doctor blade
–Airless Spray : Unsuitable
–Brush or Roller: Unsuitable
–Conwentional Spray: Unsuitable
Thinner: Ingenral, uncessary. If necessary, use C003
Cleaner: C003
Pot Life: For Summer 35℃:20-35 min; 25℃:30-45min
For Winter 15℃:30-45 min; 5℃:45-60 mi

Storage : One year

Storageand and Handling

Storage Store in cool and dry conditions
Pack size: A:20Kg in 20 liter container
B:4Kg in 4liter container
Flash Point:>65℃ (Mixture, A, B)
Specific Gravity:About 1.40Kg/L

Specification and Surface preparation

Prior to application. All cracks, joint intersections, protrydent and hollow spots the floor have been prepared correctly and the floor has applied with primer sealer or other coatings (such as spackle or resin mortar).The surface must have been sealed up and it is smooth, clean and dry. Other information about the floor preparation methods please read the seal primer manual or consult with our company.
This product can be applied directly over conductive substrate (such as metal and terrazzo anti-static.).
Recommend to use the paint or summer if the substrate temperature is above 20℃ and use the paint for winter. If the substrate temperatureis in the range of 0-20℃. But the coat cures very slowly below 5℃.
Must mix conponent A and B according to the pratical necessary quantity. Recommended making this paint just before painting with it. Should stir to even before application. It should be used up in its pot life in case it would cure and chould not be used.When the film is hard dry, paint with subsequent coat.

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