Foreign production developments of powder coatings

Foreign production of powder coating application began in the 1950s of the last century, after 50 years of development, production increased from 70,000 t in 1980 to grow to 793 000 t in 2001, an increase of 11.5 times the average annual growth rate of 13%.

The world about the powder coating manufacturer more than 500 (excluding China), Europe is at least 100, United States, about 70, about 15 Japanese, South Korea, about 7. The world average factory annual output of 1550t. 2001 global powder coatings market share of 40% concentrated in the eight largest manufacturers: Akzo Nobel accounted for 10.75% of the world, DuPont accounted for 8.13%, Rohm and Haas accounted for 5.75% of Ferro accounting for 4.37%, accounting for Valspar 3.13%, PPG, BASF, Tiger-Werke 2.5% each.

See from all the major regions of the world, Western Europe, the largest output, accounting for 40.98% of the total world production, North America accounted for 20.18%, 3.28% in Japan, Far East and other regions accounted for 35.56%. From a variety of the world’s powder coating with epoxy polyester mostly accounted for 54.22%, accounted for 10.72% of epoxy, polyester accounts for 27.36% accounted for 6.81%, polyurethane, acrylic, and accounted for 0.88%. As the raw material resources and climatic conditions of the countries in the world, as well as powder coating around the user’s likes and dislikes, all over the world powder coating product mix is different.Production in Western Europe, epoxy polyester, 52% of the total, accounted for 38.46% of polyester; in North America is also the epoxy polyester largest output, accounting for 36.88% of the total accounted for 23.75% polyester ; production in Japan, polyurethane, accounting for 42.31% of the total, accounted for 34.62% of the epoxy polyester.

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