Future Development Trends of the powder coating

Future Development Trends of the powder coating

1 Powder Coating in the automotive industry

The automotive industry is a pillar industry in China, investment in the next five years is equivalent to nine times in the Eighth Five-Year Plan “period, the social ownership of our cars in 2005 will reach 20.6 million. At present, the powder coating used for the coating of automotive engine, chassis, wheels, filters, joystick, mirrors, wiper and horn and other parts in the automotive industry. Abroad, transparent powder coating has been used as a varnish of the car body and other vehicles of the varnish. Auto assembly plants also gradually expand the application of powder coating. Due to technical limitations, automotive powder coating knowledge monochrome series, in the future, automotive powder coating of the development will further enhance the resistance after the resistance, UV resistance, low temperature, film and decorative aspects. With the development of new technologies and applications, as well as increasingly stringent environmental requirements, the application of powder coating in the automotive industry will further expand.

2 shipbuilding industry, pipeline industry attractive prospects for powder coating

German shipbuilding and marine Federation Xiexieer: from now to 2005 will be a period of great development of the world’s shipbuilding industry, and all vessels in the world demand will increase 50%. China is a maritime country, big country of the shipping and shipbuilding, ship steel pipes throughout the various systems can be divided according to function: the sea water piping, fresh water piping, steam and wastewater pipelines, fuel and oil pipes, sewage pipes, usually a ten thousand tons class ship piping length of up to 30000m. At present, the part of ship pipes powder coating, the development momentum is fierce, with the powder coating technology continues to improve, before the development is very broad.

In addition to the shipbuilding industry, the plastic tube has penetrated to the electronics, chemical industry, urban construction, textile, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and health systems, and application of the momentum is increasing every year. Although domestic powder coating after several years of efforts, the quality of the product has to meet the basic conditions and occupied a part of the market, currently dominated by imported goods.

Therefore, the domestic powder coating manufacturer market competition will become fierce.

3 Thermal material with the coating of the powder coating

One of the largest user of paper, plastic, wood and furniture manufacturing are also paint.Powder coating have been successfully applied to the coating of the thermal material, and real industrial production. Varieties of paint with a promising future as an emerging, powder coating will further squeeze the liquid coatings market.

UV-curable powder coating and low temperature curing powder coating manufacturing processes improved, so that the powder coating used in thermal material possible. Has been put into operation the powder coating line, are used for MDF (medium density fiberboard) coating. The MDF annual production of millions of square meters, are currently painting using urea-formaldehyde or polyethylene film laminating decorative Both of these methods to environmental problems, powder coating, the coating is imperative.

4 Construction Engineering and outdoor facilities for application of powder coating paint

1913 used in the construction of the Pennsylvania Bridge the reinforcement of the epoxy powder coating paint and found that the epoxy powder greatly improve the service life of reinforced, the effective protection of the building than expected service life more than doubled.

Powder Coating has successfully entered the field of architecture, such as powder coating of aluminum, aluminum alloy ceiling, security doors, aluminum curtain wall board, etc., the current 500 million square meters a year of building construction area, and potentially huge business opportunities beyond question the.

5 thin coating of powder coatings has been the scale of production and use

With the improved performance of production equipment and resin technology development, pre-coated metal PCM (precoatedmetal the) production of powder coatings has become a reality, the current pre-coated sheet metal coating thickness is generally between 20-40um, the curing speed of 230 ℃ / 1-4min.

6 fluorine resin powder coating

Fluorine resin powder has excellent chemical resistance and high weather resistance, the resin is almost insoluble in all common solvents, is today’s best to know the chemical resistance of polymer one, especially in the field of chemical corrosion and weathering in terms of other resin no substitute for performance, has a great potential for market development

7 powder coating applied to the coil coating

In 1927, pioneered the production technology of the color plates in the United States, coil coating and painting techniques from the 1980s, China began to introduce the late 1990s, the extraordinarily rapid growth, consumption and production in China began to rise the color board to the end of 2003 , 124 enterprises completed 169 days of the coating unit, the production capacity of 8.74 million tons.

Device in a strong electrostatic field of powder coating, powder rotating brush a coating powder cloud, powder cloud, solid coating particles with high charge, their flying speed operation of the substrate, to produce a sufficiently large boundary penetration,The powder particles will be evenly deposited on the surface of the strip.

At present, five powder coating color coating line, coating strip widths up to 1300mm, unit process speeds up to 100m/min. Still no true sense of the powder coil coating line, as the country strict environmental protection requirements, as well as cost considerations, the technology of coil coating powder will gradually recognized by people, and become the development trend of the coil coating.

8 Powder coating water-based slurry

As mentioned above, the 2008 powder coating is expected to reach 60 million tons.International giant Akzo, Dupont, of PPG Sherwin, Rohm and Haas and other major paint companies are optimistic about China’s powder coatings market, have to expand the breadth and depth of the powder coatings market in China, domestic enterprises have also launched a powder coating equipment, the formation of “crowded “situation.

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