How to choose paint – look,smell and ask

How To Choose Paint

As one of the main home decoration materials,paint quality directly affects the overall effect of the decoration and the room environment.How to select a home use paint? When choosing paint,it is best to do, “look,smell,and ask” Three Character Classic.


See the packaging and environmental monitoring report. Usually it will mark names,trademarks,net content,composition,etc.on the paint packaging.First,note the production date and shelf life,and secondly to pay attention to environmental test report(or detecting single)of VOC, formaldehyde and heavy metal content of the test results.


Smell the paint. Truly environmentally friendly water-based paint should be non-toxic and odorless,so when you get a smell of a pungent odor or flavor industry,it is not the ideal choice .


Ask relevant indicators.Some materials may not mark their index,you must allow the sales staff to give a responsible answers. Meanwhile, paint should be choosed according to the different parts of the decoration and material,such as kitchen,bathroom,toilet should have a waterproof paint, mildew,easy to wash performance; wood and metal prefer to solvents paint.

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