Classification of thermal transfer

Classification of thermal transfer

From the point of ink type,there are hot press transfer printing and sublimation transfer ; from the point of transferred object there are fabric, plastic (plates , sheets, film ) , ceramic and metal coating plates , etc. ; from the  printing process,there can be divided into categories classification from the substrate thermal transfer paper and plastic film ; screen printing , lithographic , gravure, letterpress , inkjet and ribbon printing. The following highlights the hot press transfer and sublimation transfer technology.

1. Hot press transfer technology

First hot-press transfer technique is screen printing , gravure printing , the graphic printed on thermal transfer paper or plastic film and then by heating and pressurizing the transfer graphic to the fabric , leather and other materials.

Thermal transfer process can be referred to as heat transfer, heat transfer can be divided into the following categories:

  1. High temperature heat transfer: mainly used for spinning cotton and blended knitwear . Such as T -shirts , pajamas and so on. There are photo effect pattern , soft elastic pieces after hot.
  2.  Low-temperature heat transfer: mainly used for nylon and PU synthetic leather , such as stretch sportswear, swimwear, jackets , shoes, leather gloves , patterned after the hot and high temperature heat transfer effect of the same . For elastic garments, elastic excellent results.
  3. Flocking heat transfer: a wide range, can often be used pantyhose , men cotton foam, trademark clothing , knitted children’s clothing , etc., there are three-dimensional pattern effects, and multi-color mix, hot after the soft, flexible , strong adhesion.
  4. Penetration of foam Tang : mainly used for cotton , chemical fiber knitted shirts , sweaters, jeans and so on. The main feature is to penetrate into the fabric , the permeability, the foam part of the three-dimensional sense , raised texture, soft to the touch after the hot , strong adhesion.

2 .Sublimation transfer technology

Sublimation is the traditional screen printing by sublimation transfer ink to paper ( or plastic film ) on the printed graphic paper ( or film ) and the fabric overlap heat, pressure or less pressure , paper ( or film ) on the dye sublimation transfer into the gas phase to the fabric . In addition to the fabric , but also can be transferred to the ceramic , metal and other products. The main feature is the sublimation transfer technology transfer image colorful, rich layers , the effect can be comparable with the printing . The difference is that with the printing ink dye transfer by sublimation , penetrate the surface, bright color image after the formation of condensate . So durable heat transfer products , the image will not fall off, cracking and fading.

With the rapid development of high technology , thermal transfer technology and the level has been further expanded and enhanced heat transfer technology widely used in image processing and computer design , and then through the high-speed high-quality inkjet printer to print images on paper ( or film ) , the process of eliminating the plate can also be coated on a plastic film sublimation of the ink ribbon in printing technology into the smart card.

Electronic digital control mug sublimation transfer printing machine can be patterned paper in a few minutes time onto the cup. Use baking cup machine on the cup to make a beautiful, full-color pictures , the village is only required for the consumption of ink and a special transfer Xu specially coated glass , easy to operate . Baking pan with electronic digital control machine can be sublimation transfer printing paper pattern a few minutes onto the plate. Equipped with special transfer ink , you can use the machine in a special baking dish baking a variety of patterns . Grilled with electronic digital control sublimation transfer printer can print on paper with a few minutes to transfer the pattern to the porcelain, metal plate. For the production of medals, honorary certificates, commemorative plaque , portrait porcelain .

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