Infrared radiation curing-A revolutionary for Marine anti-corrosion coating

To cure large equipment on site in the field after powder coating is a big problem,all countries want to resolve.This he technical problems will bring a revolution in the coating industry,and significantly,especially on the marine anti-corrosion.

Marine anti-corrosion coating technology

Powder coating: powder particle shape, coating and curing of the coating formed. As solvent-free coatings, powder coatings in the production and coating process, no solvent release, less pollution, in line with environmental protection requirements; eruption powder coating process recyclable, to save resources; powder coating is easy to implement automated construction construction of high efficiency, labor productivity can be increased; not use organic solvents, safety, health, production and construction. Line with international “4E” (economy, efficiency, ecology, energy) principle. The powder coating process, coating performance. Combine the characteristics of marine corrosion, choose polyester and polyurethane coatings. To optimize the formulations of the polyester and polyurethane powder coatings can be formed without capsule empty, high-quality corrosion protection coatings.

Infrared radiation curing technology

Infrared Radiation curing is to convert heat energy into the thermal effects of electromagnetic waves – infrared radiation curing powder to the workpiece. Infrared radiation to the surface, there are three cases: part of the surface is reflected, part absorbed by the object, and the rest through the objects. The infrared radiation energy absorbed by the object is converted into heat, so that the objects to heat up. Absorbed, the more the object’s temperature to rise faster, the use of infrared radiation curable powder coating is to use this feature. The infrared ray can promote blood circulation, and not harmful to humans.

The choice of infrared radiation curing powder, the full application of absorption theory, both inside and outside the rapid curing at the same time. Powder curing, solvent evaporation, not the same as the liquid coating to produce the capsule empty, high-quality corrosion protection coatings can be formed, seawater and salt spray is difficult to soak, to play a long-term, effective corrosion protection of ships and offshore facilities protection.

The powder coating process is simple: the powder coating process compared with the conventional coating process, the powder coating process is fairly simple. Ship and marine engineering, powder coating process: pre-treatment (grinding or shot blasting or high pressure water rust) → electrostatic duster → infrared radiation curing (mobile powder curing oven) → repair.

Therefore, the use of infrared radiation curing powder coatings technology is one of the effective ways to solve the marine anti-corrosion.

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